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Please read these terms of use carefully. By accessing our site or using our services, you acknowledge that you understand, agree, and are bound by these terms.

Modification of Terms

At our discretion, The London Mediation Service may edit, add, or remove parts of this agreement. If we do make changes to these Terms of Use, we will make a reasonable effort to provide notice.

Refund Policy

We agree to refund any payment to those who wish to cancel their appointment as long as the request to cancel is made at least 48 hours before the appointment is to take place. If a request to cancel an appointment is made within 48 hours of the appointment, we cannot refund the costs. We will, however, agree to reschedule the appointment for a reduced rate at 50% of the cost. We will refund the payer of the appointment only, and not be able to divert payment to another person or account. If a MIAM or Mediation session is cancelled by us, we will honour a requested refund.

If a session is cancelled due to failure of client equipment or inadequte internet connection, we will be unable to refund session costs. We will reschedule the appointment for a 50% cost to the client.


We do not currently charge for VAT on purchases at the London Mediation Service. This may change at any time. All invoices will be based on cost only and without VAT, unless stated otherwise.

MIAM & Mediation Sessions.

MIAM's expire after 4 months of completion. If a court form has not been admitted to a family court within this time, your application will be declined by the court. 

Mediation sessions, if not attended for 4 months or more may need another MIAM session due to time elapsed since the last meeting. 

We may, on occasion, invite trainee mediators or training professionals to monitor service levels. We will endeavour to advise users of the service of this if taking place. If you are unhappy with this, please make the service aware at booking stage.

Complaint Procedure.

We aim to provide an amazing service but there can be issues, on occasion. If you would like to make a complaint, please email us, titling the email 'complaint' and your reference number to:

We aim to reply within 24 hours of any complaint recieved.


The London Mediation Service reserves the right to change fees at any time.