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Price List

The London Mediation Service is proud to be one of the most cost effective services in the United Kingdom. We do not charge for any paperwork, including court forms or agreements, unlike most services. All you will pay for is the MIAM and subsequent sessions of mediation in line with our objective of bringing conflict resolution for all.

We do not charge VAT and charges are per person.



1 x Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM)

Mediation Session


1 x Mediation Session

Access to Court Package


This will enable you to secure a family court date. (This does not include cost of Court fees). We will conduct the MIAM, award you a court form and apply to court for you, resulting in a court date. This is for those who are unable to mediate with the other party.


1 x MIAM

1 x Court Form (Signed C100 or Form A)

Application by Family legal specialist to a family court of your choice.