The purpose of Mediation is to allow people in dispute to settle their differences without the need for solicitors or courts. Mediation enables people with disagreements or those with a need to make an agreement to make mutually agreed arrangements. Mediation provides a safe space for people to discuss their issues, with a mediator making sure that the focus remains on resolving the conflict, not going over past incidents.

Many are not in dispute but simply want to make arrangements for their future after a divorce or separation, to discuss division of assets, to develop child arrangements, go over housing options, pensions, pet ownership and much more. In fact, anything can be discussed within mediation!

Also, to apply to a family court, you are required to consider mediation before making an application. This is mandatory in most cases. A Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM), once completed, will enable you to make a valid application to a family or financial court. 

Mediation allows people to make their own decisions regarding their financial future. The agreements made are more flexible as it is based on your own requirements, needs, wants and ideas. 

Thousands of pounds are saved as you avoid expensive solicitor fees and court costs. Many find that once an application is made to a court, it can take months, possibly years to get a final judgement. This judgement is also made by someone who does not know your situation or your particular needs and it is often inflexible. Mediation also allows you to reach an agreement at your own pace. You can choose to mediate once a week, once a month. The decision is yours to make.

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