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About The London Mediation Service

The London Mediation Service was set up to provide a solution to two problems we have found exist in the realm of mediation: The lack of Simplicity and excessive costs.

In our experience, people often come to the  mediation process in a time of financial, psychological and emotional distress. This includes going through divorce or separation, financial issues and child separation.

Many have the need to make arrangements or legally binding contracts urgently but cannot afford to using traditional methods, such as solicitors and courts. These people often up being stuck in their situation with no hope and no  idea how to get out of their situation.

We want to  make mediation simpler by keeping costs low, and de-mystifying the process. Getting an agreement that sticks and is legally binding doesn’t have to be expensive, long-winded and complicated.

We use fully accredited mediators that are highly experienced and qualified to mediate. Our mediators are also come from law backgrounds, meaning that they are able to discuss your options with confidence and based on current family law in the UK.

Although based in London, we are able to Mediate anybody in the UK using video conference applications, including ZOOM. We can also mediate internationally if the other party in the dispute has relocated abroad and is also willing to mediate.

Our goal is to bring mediation to all people and to promote the process of mediation being a quicker, cheaper and more effective alternative too court action.

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